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Keisha Jones

"I do appreciate your advice and everything you've done for me these last few months.  You have made this stressful process a lot easier for me.  Moving from South Carolina to take a new job at Cerner was enough to make me wonder if I was doing the right thing, but now that I've found the perfect home, I feel much more comfortable with living in the Kansas City area."

Jody Howard

"Just wanted to thank you again for all your help in getting me integrated into the Kansas City area.  It's much different from Phoenix, but I'm really starting to like it.  I really love my neighborhood and as the movers were unloading me this last weekend I had the opportunity to meet several of the neighbors.  I guess some of them have had difficulties with their real estate agents in the past and I told them how smoothly mine went and how you took care of everything."

Kim Hamrick

"We LOVE the new house and still can't believe what a great deal we got on it.  I wasn't sure if you've noticed but that house right next door to us has a "for sale" sign in the yard.  The owner just put it on the market and it's priced about $20,000 more than what we bought our home for!  Jessica is bragging to all of her family about what a tough negotiator we had for a Realtor.  After the first phase of construction is completed, we'll be bringing in more people from Atlanta.  I'm sure at least a few of them will want to buy homes here and I'll be sure to give them your number."

Blake & Jennifer Hearson

"This process was actually much easier than I had anticipated and that has been because of you Ron. I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know that is going through the process of buying and selling a home."

Jonathan & Bobbi Whistman

"Ron, I thought I'd pass this onto you. Bobbi was speaking to the builder yesterday and his exact words to her were, "You've got a great real estate agent. Most of the time we never hear from them until the closing. Ron's followed up with me through the entire process and kept right on top of everything". Bobbi and I were a little nervous building our first home together, but you've made it fun.  We just wanted to thank you."

David Carlson

 "I want to thank you for the great job you and your team did on the sale of our home. From beginning to end the process was well planned and executed. Staging, Advertising, Showing Feedback and minor details smoothed out, were all well above our expectations. Thank you!”

Pat Hopkins

 "We just had to tell you how SHOCKED we were to get an offer 2 days after our home went on the market. We now realize why it was so important to get everything fixed, replaced, and ready to go. Your home stager was a huge help and we thought the professional photographer took some beautiful photos and made our home look very attractive. Obviously so did 3 buyers that came to tour our home on the first day! Thanks so much for your help and we look forward to finding our new home!"

Elaine Johnson

 "Ron was able to get our home SOLD in this tough market. We knew it would be challenging but Ron was there to help us throughout the entire process. I really like the way he gave us good information so we could make educated decisions about price, staging and ultimately the offer we got on our home. I would highly recommend him to anyone that needs to sell their home."

Gary Colburn

 "After our first agent couldn't get our home sold, a friend recommended we call Ron Henderson. Obviously Ron had the experience that our first agent was severely lacking. Ron brought in a home stager (he paid for the service), took professional looking photos of our home, and put it back on the market with a blitz of online advertising. To our surprise, we had an offer in 7 days! We were VERY happy with Ron's services and would highly recommend him to our friends and family."

Sam Byler

 "This is the third time we have chosen to work with Ron. Need we say more? We have always been pleased with his professional approach to marketing a home and he couldn't be easier to work with!"

Mickey and Cathy Beyl

 “Ron was always there when we needed him. He went above and beyond to me on what most agents would be expected to do. It was not an easy time of the year to sell a house but we did get it sold. Took a lot of hard work by Ron and us but we got it sold. He provides lots of services that I did not expect and a lot of personal attention to things in and around your house.”

Charlie and Jennifer Peters

 “From our initial visit and all through the home selling process, Ron seemed truly interested in making the process a success. He was willing to adapt his procedures to meet our personal needs. He was honest and professional in all dealings with us. He also treated potential buyers with respect. He went the extra mile to market and show our house. Due to Ron's great negotiating skills, we were able to obtain a very good offer for our home during a very difficult selling market.”